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Limitless experience
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DGView technology

DGView technology

ArtView technology

ArtView technology

ArtView technology

29 years on the market

Manufacturing gadgets since 1994 

Made in Russia

Production facility in Kaliningrad Oblast


Using high quality materials

Continuous development

In line with current technological trends


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Polarline Smart
POLAR Smart TV is the ability of wired or wireless (Wi-Fi) Internet connection, an installed operating system, built-in apps, services, and eco-systems. Smart TV also allows the installation of additional apps alongside with the built-in ones.
The main advantage of Smart TV is the ability to not only watch broadcast television, but also use your favourite apps such as YouTube and online movie theatres directly on your TV!  Your POLAR Smart TV is access to unlimited movies, series, cartoons, and other content from home.
Polarline LED
POLARLINE LED TV receives digital television and plays multimedia from USB Flash Drive. The acronym LED stands for light-emitting diodes that are used to illuminate the screen of this particular type of LCD TV.
  • Enhanced screen brightness 
  • High contrast
  • Rich colors
  • Wide viewing angles
  • Reduced case depth
  • Class A energy efficiency
Polarline Smart
Polarline LED
Ночной пейзаж
Ночной пейзаж
Polarline in life

In the child’s room

In the child’s room
  • Parent control
  • Easy to operate
  • Large range of Smart TV sets

In rented accomodation

In rented accomodation
  • Flexibility in new device connection
  • “Hotel” Mode
  • Authorized service centres throughout Russia
  • Modern design will perfectly fit into any interior

At a country house

At a country house
  • Suitable for watching cable, digital and analog TV
  • Protected against voltage spikes
  • Affordable

In the kitchen

In the kitchen
  • Easy and intuitive configuration
  • Smaller screen sizes available (from 20” and above)
  • Can be wall-mounted
Фото телевизоров Polar

Installation and first launch

  • Connect the antenna cable.
  • Plug the TV in and turn it on.
  • Follow the “Setup Assistant’s” instructions to run the automatic channel search.


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Updating YOUTUBE for Android 4.4 and up Smart TV sets

Smart YouTube Next

A powerful fully-functional YouTube Android-based TV client. Using YouTube account.

DOWNLOAD Smart YouTube Next App Home channel (@SmartTubeNext)

YOUTUBE  client can be installed either from a USB Flash Drive or directly in the TV browser 

1. USB storage installation

- Download "SmartYoutube.apk" by clicking:

DOWNLOAD Smart YouTube.

- Copy "SmartYoutube.apk" to a USB Flash Drive

- Insert the USB drive.

- Open Home menu (the HOME button on the remote control).

- Choose "Media" tab -> choose USB device -> choose "Folder" icon and open it by pressing OK/ENTER.

- Choose "SmartYoutube.apk" and run it by pressing OK/ENTER.

- Confirm app installation (at the bottom of the page on the right).

- After the installation run Smart YouTube Next (option "Open" at the bottom of the page on the right).

2. Installation via TV browser

- Connect the TV to the Internet. 

- Open this page in your browser by visiting "polartv.ru" and click the link “Updating YouTube”.

- Download "SmartYoutube.apk" by clicking:

DOWNLOAD Smart YouTube.

- Confirm the download by pressing OK.

- Wait for the download to finish, then close your browser.

- Open Home menu (the HOME button on the remote control).

- Choose “Apps” tab, open it.

- Choose “Downloads” folder (the green arrow icon), then choose the downloaded file SmartYoutube.apk

- Install Smart Youtube Next, confirming the installation (at the bottom of the page on the right)

- After the installation run Smart YouTube Next (option "Open" at the bottom of the page on the right).

What can I do if the service centre charges money for the service while it is not supposed to do so under warranty?

You should immediately file all the complaints against service centres to “POLAR”. You can fill in the application in the “Feedback” section. For prompt complaint processing you need to give a detailed description of the situation in question.

What can I do if there is no “Polar” authorized service centre in my hometown?

In this case you can contact either the nearest “POLAR” service centre or the retailer you’ve purchased your TV from. 

What do I need to bring to the service centre?

A correctly filled “POLAR”warranty card (issued upon buying Polar devices)

What warranties are provided for Polar devices?

Warranty applies within 12 (twelve) months from the date of purchase, but not exceeding 36 (thirty-six) months from the date of manufacturing given the absence of warranty violations. Should the buyer lack of the receipt to confirm the date of purchase or the retailer’s stamp on the warranty card the warranty period is calculated from the date of sale of the product and is equal to 12 (twelve) months.

What other programs can I install to use YOUTUBE?

Try these useful apps. All of them can be installed the way described above. 

    Smart YouTube TV

A powerful thought-out YouTube Android-based TV client. Using YouTube account. On first launch you can choose an interface (launcher) with varying extensions and performance. We recommend using Lite and Pro Main launchers. To switch launcher after the first launch press button Back at the start-up. You might also need to delete and reinstall the app. The app can take a long time to fully launch.

Download Smart YouTube TV
App Home Channel

    YouTube Vanced

A modified version of YouTube with extra features. To control the app, use an internal USB-mouse. To use your YouTube account, install MicroG first, then install YouTube Vanced.

DOWNLOAD YouTube Vanced
App Home page


Watching and downloading YouTube videos in different quality options, with the ability to search. 
App Home page

Where can Polar devices be repaired?

You can receive technical support in “POLAR” authorized service centres (locations are listed on our website) under warranty.

Service centers