History of the company

History of the company

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How it all began

“Polar” company dates back to the October of 1992, when a few likeminded students of Moscow Aviation Institute decided to start their own production of TV sets.
Devices were not imported into our country back then, while domestically produced television equipment was of poor quality.

It was agreed that it was necessary to start manufacturing high-quality affordable TV sets for Russian consumers. The task that the design engineers faced was to create a TV with modern design that would meet world standards, ensuring its maximum functionality. But, most importantly, it needed to function properly even under difficult operating conditions of Russia - voltage spikes, remoteness from broadcast centres, non-standard cable signal.

“POLAR” company first launched 4th gen remote-controlled TV sets.

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The first POLAR

In 1994 the specialists of “POLAR” design bureau began developing a brand new TV board. To do so imported technological equipment, particularly a new set of PHILIPS chips was purchased.
The first consignment of 6th gen TV sets went on sale under the firm’s own brand name POLAR. The company specialists were well prepared for such a significant event. According to the task set the brand name POLAR was to serve as a guarantee of quality and reliability.

For the first time among domestic manufacturers “polars” were equipped with specially designed voltage spikes protection, an advanced AC power adaptor with a standby mode was used.
But it was just the beginning. Lying ahead was painstaking work on the picture and sound quality, continuous improvement of functionality and design, expanding the model range. POLAR designers were ahead of other Russian developers. For the first time among domestic manufacturers there was mastered the production of TV sets receiving cable television, established the production of devices with stereo sound and new design, with laterally positioned acoustic systems.
In the late 1990s initial steps were taken in mastering the production of TV sets with digital technology features. Designers always remembered to treat the consumers to some seemingly insignificant details - for example, started to equip TV sets with illuminated remote controls for use in the dark.
In 1996 numerous innovative developments of POLAR design bureau were noted by experts. The POLAR TV sets circuitry solutions were being patented.

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New development stage

The financial crisis that erupted in 1998 was a turning point for the company.«POLAR was among those few manufacturers who managed to have passed through this critical period.
The company’s growth started with realizing a new system-based approach to business - establishing smart management policy and clear production structures, building the sales system.
Dealer network of POLAR was expanding all across Russia.
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The first digital TV in Russia
In 2000 our company was the first among Russian manufacturers to produce digital TV sets.

Later the in-house development of the company, next-gen Digitotal Technology, was patented. If previously one could find a TV of such a level only among high-priced “foreigners”, now high-quality digital TV sets are becoming accessible to a wide range of Russian people.

Guarantee of Reliability

Along with implementing of the digital format a transition to a new powerful control processor was made, with high-quality signal processing and extensive service capabilities, including videogames; a new AC power adaptor circuit with increased reliability and reduced power consumption was implemented, equipped with an AVR system. The combination of state-of-art element base and the expertise of Russian engineers allowed to achieve astonishingly rich and natural image.

High quality and cutting-edge technological solutions used in the production of POLAR TV sets have earned high recognition - they were awarded a gold medal of the IV All-Russia Cross Industry Trade Show “Buy Russian!”. According to the results of tests run by experts of specialized journals, the models of POLAR TV sets were awarded with honorary diplomas and Grand Prix.

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In 2002 the range of POLAR had several series with different sets of consumer features.
The TV range offers the widest variety of screen sizes (14”. 20”, 21”, 25”, 29”). Flatscreen models with powerful acoustic system and elite design, as well as first car LCD TV sets with small screen sizes appear.
In 2005 the production of LCD TV sets with 17”, 20” and 32” screens begins,, opening a new direction of development.
Later the model range significantly expands in terms of design, screen sizes, and functionality.
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2008 became a new milestone in the history of the company.
The restructuring of the production base was initiated taking into account the switch to digital standard. The first digital TV receivers for cable networks were introduced.
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Despite the negative impact of the 2009 crisis on the development plans of the company, it wasn’t able to halt itsonward progress.
The production preparation of new digital receivers continued. By the end of the year the production of several TV box models for receiving the terrestrial digital TV signal including high-quality HD format was established.
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2010 was a year of new technologies.
The company launched the first Russian LED TV sets, as well as LCD and LED TV sets made using DGview technology. The TV set has become in fact a multimedia centre able to receive digital and analog TV, as well as record and play high quality multimedia content from internal digital storage.
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Starting 2014 large scale renewal of POLAR TV sets has begun.
The updates affected internal parts, as well as the external design. TV sets were equipped with new processors and the latest versions of Android OS, which significantly improved their performance. The model range started to include 4K Ultra HD TV sets. The production of a new line of frameless screen models was established.
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In 2020 the cooperation with the leading Russian IT-companies - Yandex and Sber - began.
It was agreed to launch the production of POLAR and its sub-brands TV sets with Yandex TV and Salute TV OS on board. Today you can access the leading eco-systems of Russia via our TV sets, which allows us to be on the cutting edge of modern TV technologies.
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Forward to the future
The modern Russian household appliances and electronics market is saturated, and the competition between various manufacturers is high.

POLAR continues to strengthen its position in the market. The holding plans to build on its successes, first of all, by expanding the range, implementing advanced TV technologies and new video display technologies.

POLAR holds a leading position among Russian manufacturers, continuing to stay true to its strategy - producing reliable modern electronics adapted to the Russian operating environment to the utmost.