• DG View(DGView®)

    DGView® is a groundbreaking end-to-end digital transformation technology. Thanks to a powerful processor and cutting-edge peripherals, TVs created using this technology are multimedia devices capable of playing both a modern high-definition digital signal (FULL HD) from an antenna input (DVB-T H.264) and various external devices (HDMI interfaces, USB) and analog signal. For the first time, all signal conversions are performed only in digital form, and all analog conversions that degrade the quality of the image and sound are completely excluded.
  • Digital terrestrial television(DVB-T)

    Digital terrestrial television in DVB-T format is replacing analogue television broadcasting in Russia. Within the framework of the state program until 2015, the entire territory of the country will be covered by digital broadcasting, and the transmission of the analog signal will be turned off. With digital quality, including in high definition format (FULL HD), it will be possible to receive over 20 TV channels. Currently 8 TV channels and 3 radio channels are available. The coverage area of ​​digital broadcasting is growing every month.

    USB CINEMA HD is a built-in home theater system for watching movies with a quality previously available only to owners of expensive BLUE RAY discs. It is a complete replacement for DVD and BLUE RAY players (built-in or external) with the ability to watch movies not only in DVD quality, but also in high definition formats (MKV). Thanks to this system, all the potential possibilities of modern LED panels are fully revealed, the world of cinema becomes real as never before. Just plug your USB flash drive or USB hard drive into your TV and enjoy.

    ArtView® technology is an evolution of DigiTotal® technology. The technology includes a whole range of unique developments linking the work of the highest quality components. These are the most advanced matrices made using S-IPS technology, a high-speed LVDS (Low Voltage Differential Signaling) digital image transmission interface, an HDMI interface that provides direct playback of uncompressed video signal in digital form, an advanced image controller, separate audio and image processing.

    The stabilizing unit, which is not afraid of voltage fluctuations in the mains, is designed with an additional safety margin and guarantees uninterrupted operation in harsh operating conditions.

    The CONTRAST + system, depending on the scene, automatically increase the depth of the image.

    Stereo surround sound with surround sound is the immersive reality of sound plus the ability to customize the soundscape for a more immersive experience.
  • 12 FPS

    The "12 in one" function allows you to simultaneously watch what is happening on 12 other channels without switching from the program you are watching.
  • Menu

    A handy drop-down menu makes it easy to customize your TV to your liking. A variety of functions will amaze even the most experienced user.

    TVs have a built-in clock, as well as timers for turning on, turning off and switching to another program, and for recording TV programs to an external USB drive.

    You can connect a DVD, camcorder, VCR, player, game console, computer, USB flash drive to the TV.

    Telelock allows parents to block inquisitive children from watching TV or certain channels.

    Modern computers set up and test Polar TVs. Computer control of the production process guarantees accurate and stable settings and long life.