Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Philosophy


Production and sale of affordable and reliable audio/video electronics and household appliances that would meet world standards.
We work to ensure that any person, no matter their social status or income, can live comfortably and enjoy the opportunities offered by the age of high technology and innovation.


Our activities are based on five main principles:


Our main principle is manufacturing reliable and functional electronics. We carefully select the materials and components, perform full-fledged testing of new products, improve manufacturing techniques and ensure quality control at all stages of the production. We feel responsible for what we do.


We always take into account our customers, partners, and staff’s opinions. We respect other people’s aims and are always open to dialogue. We aspire for our work to bring benefits and joy to those surrounding us.


Everything we’ve been able to achieve throughout these years was made possible thanks to the tireless energy and enthusiasm of our staff and our partners. Confidence in the fact we are on the right track helps us move forward and grow. We make every effort to ensure that with every day the reliability and the level of consumer properties of our products increase.


This is what always defined our work. We are constantly in search for new approaches to implementing innovations into our manufacturing techniques, designing new products and brand building. We are always ready to take into consideration new ideas and unexpected solutions.


For us partnership means trust, sincerity and mutual respect. We aspire for our partners’ businesses to grow, be it our retailers, suppliers, service centres or public organizations.


Achievement of leadership on the Russian household electronics market.
Expanding the range of products launched under the POLAR brand and its sub-brands, implementation of in-house and adaptation of the latest global developments in electronics taking into account the Russian operating environment.